Surayyal Hizmi named 2021 PATA Face of the Future

Surayyal Hizmi named 2021 PATA Face of the Future

Bangkok, Thailand, March 5, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / Surayyal Hizmi, Lecturer Advisor of the PATA Lombok Tourism Polytechnic Student Chapter, is today named as the 2021 PATA Face of the Future. This is the most prestigious honour open to young tourism professionals in the Asia Pacific region.

“This year we received a fantastic list of applicants who could all be worthy of this recognition, and it makes me hopeful not just for the future of the industry but for the future of the world,” said PATA
CEO Dr. Mario Hardy. “On behalf of everyone at the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), I would like to congratulate Surayyal Hizmi on winning the 2021 PATA Face of the Future award. It was inspiring to learn about her passion for sustainability and how she engages with the local community towards this goal. This award will provide her greater exposure in Indonesia and throughout the industry, and I look forward to seeing her career develop as she works in line with PATA for the responsible development of travel and tourism in the region.”

“I am very grateful to receive such a prestigious honour. It is something that I never expected, so thank you so much for this recognition. The real winner of this award is not me but the many people who encouraged me, such as my family and my students who work hard to always support me. This achievement is for them and the many people who have contributed their lives and effort towards sustainable tourism and making this world a better place,” said Ms Hizmi.

Ms, Surayyal Hizmi is a lecturer at Lombok Tourism Polytechnic, having completed her Master’s Degree in 2017 in Applied Science with a major in Natural Resources Management. Possessing prior knowledge of environmental and natural resource management, and social sciences, Ms. Hizmi’ passion is to apply her knowledge and skills to help local communities and the responsible and sustainable development of travel and tourism in West Nusa Tenggara. Being a lecturer at Lombok Tourism Polytechnic, she was appointed as the Assistant to Vice Director focusing on the National and International Partnership Program. This has led her to become an advisor to actively support the campus in applying sustainability concepts.

To improve her skills and knowledge in sustainability, she completed Sustainable Tourism Training in 2020 and received a Certificate of Sustainability from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). The concept, skills and knowledge gained from this programme have been used for the PATA Lombok Tourism Polytechnic Student Chapter programmes such as eco-enzyme and the gallon corner. She is also currently active in several other projects collaborating with LIPI (The Indonesian Institute of Sciences) and the Australian university alumni through the Culinary Festival in Sepakek and Bamboo Ecotourism in Sembalun to expand the application of sustainability.

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